Cure of the Physician

But the best experiments of the pure effects simillimum in altering the born diseased state, are those which the diseased physician institutes on himself, in order to cure himself, so that the evolution and involution of disease and health processes are perceived and subject reflected on pure consciousness.These trials made by the physicians on himself have for him inestimable advantages.By such noteworthy observations on himself he will be brought to understand his own altered diseased and healthy sensations, his altered diseased and healthy mental phenomena, the foundation of all true wisdom and he will be also trained to be what every physician ought to be, a good observer.This he must do all the more zealously as these experiments on himself promise to give him a reliable knowledge of the true value and significance of the stages of cure that are still to a great degree unknown to our art.This art is perceived and reflected on true and pure consciousness and can't be described in words.Pure consciousness illuminating in the mind of a healthy physician only can exclude strictly everything that is conjectural, all that is mere assertion or imaginary everything is the pure language of nature carefully and honestly observed.

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Self Observation

The diseased person must avoid the habit of taking wine, brandy, coffee or tea, all over-exertion of mind and body, all sorts of dissipation and disturbing passions.He must devote himself to carefulself observation, and he must possess a sufficient amount of intelligence to be able to express and describe subjective sensations and changes in accurate terms, for in dozens of vital reactions, he has not to lose patience with the help of intellect knowing the fixed eternal laws of nature, to bear the sufferings foranew rebirth.

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Olfaction is the best therapy

It is not useful to rub in or apply externally to the spot an external remedy, even though it be the simillimum and at the same time administered internally.It must be borne in mind that the best method of adminstration of a remedy is the olfaction method by a slight inspiration, in which the vital principle becomes affected dynamically in minimumand minutest doses.

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Ideal of a Cure

The most appropriate degree of minuteness of imperfect doses is a sure cure. This ideal will be acquired by the olfaction, taking by slight inspiration, prepared in the potencies of fifty milliseimal, ascending the potencies one by one without jumping any potency till cure is obtained. When a case will be cured completely and radically with this method

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